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Make-up parties:
Help yourself, your friends,
and Longwood Opera

Hello Boston-area singers!

Do you like make-up? Do you like to throw parties? Here's a chance to enjoy both, help both Longwood Opera and your friends, and make money at the same time!

Kristina Cook, local make-up artist and diet and nutrition specialist (and former Longwood Opera "Cherubino"), is presenting a fundraising program that will benefit you and Longwood Opera as well.

Here's how the program works...

Invite some friends to come over and get pampered with a day (or evening) of high quality skin care and a professional make-over, including a custom-blended foundation created just for their skin. (No more lines under the chin!) This make-up feels so light and weightless on your skin, but gives such good coverage, that anyone who tries it won't be able to help but want some.

It will be a completely non-pressure atmosphere, but 100% of the profit from any sales will go directly to you and to Longwood Opera. If at least $70 of products are sold, the party host will automatically get a $25 flat fee. The remaining profit will be split, 60% for the party host and 40% for Longwood Opera. There are no commitments to be made and no strings attached.

You can help Longwood Opera and yourself further by making your own purchases. Then when people ask you what you're wearing, you can recommend and make money off your own products!

What you need to do:
Contact Kristina to book parties at least 2 weeks in advance
What Kristina will do for you:
She'll help your party succeed by
- sending invitations to your guests
- giving you party-preparation coaching
How to reach Kristina:

Don't hesitate to call with any questions. Call or email right away, and get started having fun, making money and supporting Longwood Opera!

Visit our Helping Longwood page for more ways to help Longwood Opera.

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