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Opera for All!
Longwood Opera

August 5, 2008: An Evening of Gilbert & Sullivan

Accompanist: Eric Schwartz

Oh, happy young heart (The Sorcerer):
Marion Leeds Carroll
I know a youth (Ruddigore):
Rose: Stephanie Mann, Robin: Tony Parkes
Were I thy bride (The Yeomen of the Guard):
Christina English
Three little maids from school (The Mikado):
Yum-Yum: Renee Saindon
Peep-Bo: Kaori Emery
Pitti-Sing: Susan Croft
The sun, whose rays (The Mikado):
Leslie Kittel
Oh false one! You have deceived me! (The Pirates of Penzance):
Ruth: Angeliki Theoharis
Frederick: Mike Belle
Sorry her lot (HMS Pinafore):
Kaori Emery
When a merry maiden marries (The Gondoliers):
Susan Craft plus chorus
All is prepared (recit and duet) (The Pirates of Penzance):
Mabel: Stephanie Mann
Frederick: Ethan Bremner


Brightly dawns our wedding day (The Mikado):
YumYum: Elaine Crane
PittiSing: Christina English
Nanki-Pooh: Brad Amidon
PishTush: Tony Parkes
Poor wand'ring one (The Pirates of Penzance):
Sara Michale Smith plus womens chorus
There was a time (The Gondoliers):
Casilda: Susan Craft
Luiz: Ethan Bremner
The hours creep on apace (HMS Pinafore):
Elaine Craine
Then one of us will be a queen (The Gondoliers):
Gianetta: Kaori Emery
Tessa: Susan Craft
Marco: Brad Amidon
Giuseppe: Tony Parkes
'Neath my lattice (The Rose of Persia):
Rachele Schmiege
Now, wouldn't you like to rule the roast? (Princess Ida):
Melissa: Leslie Kettel
Blanche: Angeliki Theoharis
The nightmare song (Iolanthe):
Tony Parkes
Hail, Poetry (The Pirates of Penzance):
Tony Parkes, entire group plus audience


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