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An Evening of Gilbert & Sullivan

Marion Leeds Carroll, Program Coordinator; David Goldhirsch, Pianist
August 7, 2012 at 7:30pm - Christ Episcopal Church, Needham

  • If somebody there chanced to be (Ruddigore)
    Marion Leeds Carroll
    Hung in a plated dish-cover to the knocker of the work-house door, with naught that she could call her own save a change of baby-linen and a book of etiquette, little wonder if Rose Maybud regards this work as a Voice From a Parent’s Tomb.
  • Love feeds on many kinds of food, I know (The Sorcerer)
    Christopher Smith
    Alexis Pointdextre loves for love alone.
  • The Paradox Trio (The Pirates of Penzance)
    Linda Nadeau, Tom Frates, Christopher Smith
    Frederic has lived 21 years... but what's his age?
  • Love is a plaintive song (Patience)
    Connie Benn
    Patience finally understands why the ladies who love Bunthorne are so unhappy.
  • None shall part us from each other (Iolanthe)
    Connie Benn, Lonnie Powell
    Phyllis accepts faithful Strephon's proposal.
  • Sir Rupert Murgatroyd (Ruddigore)
    Linda Nadeau
    Dame Hannah explains the curse of Ruddigore
  • Stay, Fred'ric, stay! (The Pirates of Penzance)
    Elaine Crane, Jonathan Wright
    Frederic must return to the pirate band, but promises to remain faithful to Mabel 'til they are wed, and even after.
  • Scene: A private buffoon; Hereupon we're both agreed (The Yeomen of the Guard)
    Tom Frates, Lonnie Powell
    Jack Point tells Wilfred about the life of a jester, and promises to train him for the job.


  • A tenor, all singers above (Utopia, Ltd.)
    Tom Frates
    Captain Fitzbattleax explains to his beloved Zara why he's having trouble serenading her.
  • Take a pair of spark'ling eyes (The Gondoliers)
    Christopher Smith
    Marco gives us the recipe for true happiness.
  • The hours creep on apace (HMS Pinafore)
    Stephanie Mann
    Josephine is about to elope with her simple sailor - is she making a mistake?
  • Never mind the why and wherefore (The Bell Trio)(HMS Pinafore)
    Elaine Crane, Ben Morse, Tom Frates
    Sir Joseph's assurance that Love Levels All Ranks settles Josephine's doubts.
  • Although of native maids the cream (Utopia, Ltd)
    Juliet Cunningham, Marion Leeds Carroll
    Utopian princesses Nekaya and Kalyba describe their role in their father's plans to anglify Utopia
  • Oh, I have wrought much evil (The Sorcerer)
    Tom Frates, Linda Nadeau
    The sorcerer's guilt over the love philtre he has introduced into the town is complicated by the arrival of Lady Sangazure, one of the philtre's victims.
  • My name is John Wellington Wells (The Sorcerer)
    Lonnie Powell
    The sorcerer introduces himself and gives us his sales pitch.
  • Hail Poetry (The Pirates of Penzance)
    Ben Morse plus full company and audience
    Please join us in this paean to Poetry, the Divine Emollient

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