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An Evening of Opera Scenes

Tom Weber, Program Coordinator; Jeffrey Brody, Music Director and Pianist
July 24, 2012 at 7:30pm - Christ Episcopal Church, Needham

  • Act II scena - Tosca - Puccini
    Karen Amlaw, Thomas Dawkins     
    Scarpia believes that he has exacted a "non-monetary" price from Tosca in exchange for Cavaradossi's (her lover's) safety. In anguish, Tosca asks God why she is faced with this unpleasant choice in order to save her lover.
  • Au fond du temple saint - Les pêcheurs des perles – Bizet
    Martin Kelly, Gary Thies
    Nadir and Zurga, two old friends and followers of the "goddess" Leila, meet each other after a long separation. Much time has passed, and each is unsure of the other's
    dedication to their cult.  Their affection for each other wins out, though, and they sing of their unity until death.
  • The Forest Scene - Cendrillon – Massenet 
    Leslie Leedberg, Bethany Condon, Sara Michale Smith -
    Prince Charming laments the loss of the beautiful lady he met at the ball the previous night and prays to the fairy godmother to see her again.  Although Cendrillon is also in the forest, neither can see the other. Each hears the other's voice, the Fairy Godmother appears, and the two are again united.
  • Barcarolle - Les contes d'Hoffman – Offenbach
    Kimberly States, Giliana Norkunas
    On a beautiful night in a Venetian Palace, the courtesan Giulietta joins Nicklausse in a languid barcarole describing the beauty and frequent brevity of love.  
  • Sull'aria - Le nozze di Figaro - Mozart
    Karen Amlaw, Sara Michale Smith
    Susanna and the Countess are plotting to trick the Count, who has been attempting to seduce Susanna. They have planned for Susanna to meet the Count this evening. The Countess dictates a letter to Susanna that informs the Count where he can meet Susanna. She repeats the Countess's words as she writes.
  • Act II scena - La Traviata - Verdi 
    Kaori Emery, Tom Weber
    Having acquiesced to Germont's demand to end her "love affair" with his son, Violetta tells Germont that he can tell his daughter that she will not stand in the way of a happy marriage.


  • Fu la sorte funesta dell'armi -  Aida - Verdi 
    Karen Amlaw, Angela Jajko
    Amneris, the king of Egypt's daughter, is in love with Radamès, the commander of the Egyptian army; but he is secretly in love with Aïda, the Ethiopian princess.  Amneris tricks her rival into declaring her love for Radamès by deceiving her - falsely claiming that Radamès has died in battle.
  • Ah! mia Giuletta - I Capuleti e i Montecchi - Bellini
    Rachel Traughber, Bethany Condon
    Giulietta is in utter despair after being separated from Romeo. He has returned to Verona to see her and tries to persuade her to escape with him but she resists in the name of family honor saying she would rather die of a broken heart. She implores to Romeo to leave; he does, and Guilietta sadly watches him depart.
  • Duet - Madama Butterfly - Puccini
    Martin Kelly, Gary Thies
    The American naval lieutenant Benjamin Franklin Pinkerton regales the American counsel, Sharpless, with his philosophy of the fearless Yankee roaming the world in search of fun and excitement. Pinkerton's travels have now taken him to Nagasaki harbor where he discovers that his meager sailor's pay buys quite a bit in Japan, including a geisha wife whom he can instantly marry and then conveniently divorce at any time. Sharpless prophetically warns Pinkerton that the girl may take this marriage seriously. Pinkerton scoffs at such concerns, toasts America, and tells Sharpless that someday he will take a real, American wife.
  • Va, pensiero - Nabucco - Verdi
    Chorus of Hebrew Slaves
    Sung by the exiles (on the banks of the Euphrates), lamenting the loss of their homeland.

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