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Presenting Rising Stars

Ed Batutis, Program Coordinator; Jeffrey Brody, Music Director and Pianist
July 31, 2012 at 7:30pm - Christ Episcopal Church, Needham

  • Ernani, involami - Ernani (Verdi)
    Karen Amlaw
    Elvira is in love with Ernani and sings of their elopement.
  • Podru gi Milya - The Queen of Spades (Tchaikovsky)
    Giliana Norkunas
    Pauline sings a plaintive song to her friends about a person who, like them, was enjoying life. However, death does not go away.
  • Casta Diva - Norma (Bellini)
    Rachel Traughber
    The Druids want to revolt against their Roman oppressors. Norma invokes the "pure goddess" of the moon and prays for peace.
  • Que fais-tu blanche tourtetelle - Roméo et Juliette (Gounod)
    Roselin Osser
    Stephano mocks the Capulets, telling them that their white dove (Juliette) will go free one day.
  • Gavotte - Manon (Massenet)
    Kimberly States
    Manon tells everyone she lives only for the moment: loving, singing, and dancing.
  • Non più andrai - Le nozze di Figaro (Mozart)
    Dave Wadden
    Figaro tells Cherubino that he must give up his easy life romancing women and become a soldier.
  • Salut à la France - La Fille du Régiment (Donizetti)
    Sara Michale Smith
    Marie leads the regiment singing a patriotic tribute to France.
  • Faites lui mes aveux - Faust (Gounod)
    Bethany Condon
    The lovesick boy Siébel leaves a bouquet for Marguerite.
  • Non piu mesta - La Cenerentola (Rossini)
    Roselin Osser
    "I'm no longer sitting sadly by the fire." Cinderella has married her prince and forgiven all.
  • Honour and Arms - Samson (Handel)
    Thomas Dawkins
    The Philistine Harapha boasts that fighting the blinded Samson is beneath him.
  • Song to the Moon - Rusalka (Dvorak)
    Sangeetha Vandeyar Appavoo
    Rusalka the water sprite loves a human Prince and asks the moon to tell her love that she is thinking of him.


  • Verdi prati - Alicina (Handel)
    Ed Batutis
    Ruggiero discovers the green meadows are an illusion created by the sorceress Alcina, but he loves them anyway
  • E strano....Sempre libera - La Traviata (Verdi)
    Sangeetha Vandeyar Appavoo
    Violetta has strange feelings and wonders if Alfredo could actually be her true love.
  • Or sai chi l'onore - Don Giovanni (Mozart)
    Stephanie Mann
    Donna Anna wants Don Giovanni's head for killing her father - she tells Don Ottavio he must fetch it.
  • Mi chiamano Mimì - La Bohème (Puccini)
    Alexandra Lang
    Mimi tells the adoring Rodolfo about her simple life and the fact that they call her Mimi, although her name is Lucia.
  • Della crudele Isotta - L'elisir d'Amore (Donizetti)
    Sara Michale Smith
    Admina tells of the cruel Isolde and the elixir of love she used on Tristan. She'd like to get some herself.
  • La mamma morta - Andrea Chénier (Giordano)
    Karen Amlaw
    Maddalena tells the story of her cursed life including how her mother was killed while saving her.
  • Miei rampolli femminini - La Cenerentola (Rossini)
    Thomas Dawkins
    Don Magnifico tells the kids about his dream where he is turned into a donkey. His interpretation: he'll rise to royalty!
  • Smanie implacabili - Cosi fan tutte (Mozart)
    Bethany Condon
    Dorabella works herself into a deep grief at seeing her fiance (seemingly) go off to war.
  • Si, tra i ceppi - Berenice (Handel)
    Ed Batutis
    Demetrius assures his beloved Selene of his undying love even as he's led off in chains.
  • Ah, non credea mirarti...Ah, non giunge - La Sonnambula (Bellini)
    Stephanie Mann
    Amina the sleepwalker sings of wilted flowers, tears, and love.

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