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An Evening of Gilbert & Sullivan

Marion Leeds Carroll, Program Coordinator; James Hay, Accompanist
August 6, 2013 at 7:30pm - Christ Episcopal Church, 1132 Highland Avenue, Needham, MA


  • Oh, happy young heart - The Sorcerer
    Marion Leeds Carroll
  • O false one! You have deceived me - The Pirates of Penzance
    Christopher Smith, Linda Nadeau
  • Poor wandr'ing one - The Pirates of Penzance
    Alyssa Koogler, women
  • Now, wouldn't you like to rule the roast - Princess Ida
    Linda Nadeau, Kate Meifert
  • The hours creep on apace - HMS Pinafore
    Katelyn Parker Bray
  • A wandering minstrel - The Mikado
    Jonathan Wright
  • To a garden full of posies - Ruddigore
    Susan Craft Larson
  • Love feeds on many kinds of food, I know - The Sorcerer
    Christopher Smith
  • Although of native maids the cream - Utopia, Ltd.
    Marion Leeds Carroll, Juliet Cunningham
  • The battle's roar is over - Ruddigore
    Elaine Crane, Jonathan Wright


  • Rising early in the morning - The Gondoliers
    Ben Morse, men
  • I built upon a rock - Princess Ida
    Elaine Crane
  • Stay, Fredric, stay - The Pirates of Penzance
    Brian González, Alyssa Koogler
  • 'Tis done - I am a bride - The Yeomen of the Guard
    Connell Benn
  • In a contemplative fashion - The Gondoliers
    Connell Benn, Kate Meifert, Christopher Smith, Larry Seiler
  • When but a maid of fifteen year - Utopia, Ltd.
    Kate Meifert
  • Alone and yet alive - The Mikado
    Linda Nadeau
  • Oh, rapture! When alone together - The Gondoliers
    Christopher Smith, Elaine Crane
  • Hail, Poetry - The Pirates of Penzance
    Ben Morse, everyone (including audience)

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