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An Evening of Gilbert & Sullivan

Marion Leeds Carroll, Program Coordinator; James Hay, Accompanist
August 4, 2015 at 7:30pm
Christ Episcopal Church, Needham, MA

Oh, Happy Young Heart, The Sorcerer
Aline arrives for her formal betrothal.
- Mary Finn

Prithee, Pretty Maiden, Patience
Patience and Archibald Grosvenor are reacquainted.
- Ben Morse, Marion Leeds Carroll

I Once Was A Very Abandon'd Person, Ruddigore
Sir Despard and Margaret celebrate their respectable married life.
- Juliet Cunningham, Tony Parkes

When I Was a Lad, HMS Pinafore
Sir Joseph Porter, KCB, explains how he became the Ruler of the Queens Navee.
- Ben Morse (plus chorus)

A Lady Fair of Lineage High, Princess Ida
A man is only a monkey shaved!
- Juliet Cunningham

Love, Unrequited, Robs Me of My Rest, Iolanthe
The Lord Chancellor is in love with his beautiful ward.
- Tony Parkes

I Have a Song to Sing, O!, The Yeomen of the Guard
Jack Point and Elsie sing to raise a few coins.
- Elaine Crane, Tom Frates (plus chorus)


Turn, Oh Turn / The Magnet and the Churn, Patience
The rapturous maidens can't win the heart of Archibald the All Right.
- Tom Frates, Juliet Cunningham, Marion Leeds Carroll, Mary Finn

Three Little Maids From School, The Mikado
Yum-Yum, Peep-Bo, and Pitti-Sing are home from school.
- Elaine Crane
, Juliet Cunningham, Mary Finn

Young Man, Despair, The Mikado
Pooh-Bah deigns to inform Nanki-Poo of his beloved Yum-Yum's upcoming wedding to Ko-Ko.
- Tim Daughters (plus chorus)

I Am So Proud, The Mikado
Someone must be beheaded... but nobody seems willing to volunteer for the role.
- Tom Frates, Ben Morse, Tim Daughters

Time Was When Love and I, The Sorcerer
In his youth, Dr Daly was the object of devotion.
- Tom Frates

'Tis Done! I Am a Bride!, The Yeomen of the Guard
A condemned man asked for a bride, and Elsie agreed to marry him before his execution - but it's dawning on her that her new husband will soon be dead.
- Elaine Crane

Hail, Poetry, The Pirates of Penzance
What, we ask, is life without a touch of Poetry in it?
- Tom Frates, all singers -- plus audience!

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