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An Evening of Gilbert & Sullivan

Marion Leeds Carroll, Program Coordinator; James Hay, Accompanist
August 9, 2016 at 7:30pm
Christ Episcopal Church, Needham, MA

My kindly friends / Oh, happy young heart - The Sorcerer
Aline welcomes her friends to her betrothal feast
- Marion Leeds Carroll, soprano

The air is charged/Time was when love and I were well acquainted - The Sorcerer
Is there anyone to love a middle-aged minister?
- Ben Morse, baritone

If somebody there chanced to be - Ruddigore
Love is hard to find for someone who follows all the rules.
- Elaine Crane, soprano

Three little maids from school - The Mikado
Out of school and ready for fun!
- Mary Finn, Juliet Cunningham, sopranos; Letitia Stevens, mezzo

There was a time - The Gondoliers
Just a few minutes ago we promised to love each other forever... but now...
- Elaine Crane, soprano; Ben Morse, baritone

Refrain, audacious tar - HMS Pinafore
Josephine and Ralph can't bear each other... at least, so it seems.
- Allie Whitfield, soprano; Maxwell McGrath, tenor

Alone, and yet alive - The Mikado
Katisha is ready to die for lost love.
- Letitia Stevens, mezzo

Tit-Willow - The Mikado
Ko-Ko knows all about dying for lost love
- Matt Tragert, baritone

There is beauty in the bellow of the blast - The Mikado
Maybe there's hope for Katisha and KoKo after all!
- Letitia Stevens, mezzo; Matt Tragert, baritone

*** Intermission ***

Death to the invader! - Princess Ida
Princess Ida has encouraged her followers to fight for their rights, but...

- Mary Finn, soprano; women

Now, jurymen, hear my advice - Trial by Jury
Follow the law precisely, as I advise you.
- Thaddeus Bell, baritone; chorus

Never mind the why and wherefore - HMS Pinafore
Love levels all ranks, so Sir Joseph can marry Josephine... right?
- Juliet Cunningham, soprano; Thaddeus Bell & Tony Parkes, baritones

Oh, is there not one maiden breast - The Pirates of Penzance
Frederic's out of his indentures, and is ready to fall in love with any lady who's younger than his nurse.

- Maxwell McGrath, tenor; women

I have a song to sing, O - The Yeomen of the Guard
The maiden returns to her lowly but faithful suitor.
- Elaine Crane, soprano; Tony Parkes, baritone; chorus

Little maid of Arcadee, Thespis
Robin's sweetheart is bereft... until...
- Mary Finn, soprano

The Nightmare Song - Iolanthe
Hopeless love makes for a bad night's sleep.
- Tony Parkes, baritone

Hail, Poetry, The Pirates of Penzance
Art cures all troubles!

- Ben Morse, baritone; full company plus audience

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