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2017 Summer Concert Series

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The summer concert series is Longwood Opera's annual fund raising event, which helps pay for the following Fall and Spring productions.

This year's series will be at 7:30pm each Tuesday from July 11 - August 29.

Singers are not remunerated, but this is a great opportunity to routine existing repertoire or try out new repertoire in front of a very appreciative audience.

Christ Episcopal Church
In the air conditioned chapel
1132 Highland Avenue
Needham, MA

Park in the parking lot opposite the Chapel, next to the library. Facing the church, enter the chapel on the right side of the property, on the corner of Highland Avenue and Rosemary Street (Sudbury Farms). In the Air Conditioned Chapel there are about 100 seats.


To sign up to sing in a concert, contact the appropriate coordinators and they will add your name and information about your piece to this web site.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for the Longwood Opera 2017 Summer Concerts:
We have been running these concerts for many years and this is the best, most organized, least frustrating way we can think of to do things, so please try to follow these simple rules.

1. Please do not sing anything from the upcoming season (i.e. Humperdinck's Hansel & Gretel). This includes arias and scenes. It's just awkward.
2. Do not perform pieces that are more then 5 minutes in length. This does not apply to scenes. Scenes are highly encouraged on most nights, but very much so on Broadway nights and Gilbert & Sullivan nights as they are always great audience pleasers.
3. Please attend the rehearsal the Monday or Sunday before the concerts. If you ABSOLUTELY cannot attend that rehearsal, let the coordinator of the concert know. Be prepared to be at the Church by 6:00pm (or earlier, depending on the notice) the night of the concert if you have to run through your piece.
4. Please come prepared to the rehearsal. Whether or not you are off-book is up to you (and your scene-mates if it is a scene being performed), but do come with your part LEARNED. Don't expect the rehearsal to be spent banging out your pitches for you. There are many pieces to be rehearsed on the Sunday or Monday before the concert and the entire night cannot and should not be spent teaching notes.
5. Please send your chosen and approved Repertoire to the pianists as soon as possible - 2 weeks prior is not too soon! They appreciate it when you aren't plunking music in front of them the night of the rehearsal (or concert).
6. Please do not expect Longwood Staff or coordinators to choose what pieces you will sing. If they feel your choice is inappropriate for the Longwood Audience, you will be told. They do not cast scenes. If you have a scene idea and need others to fill it out, please contact that evening's coordinators and they will give you names of people to contact. When you make your request, please be specific with the aria/scene title, work it is from, and composer. If it is a scene for either of the Opera Scenes nights or the G&S night, we will also need a short (25 words or less) description of the scene.
7. Please do not ask people who are NOT on the Longwood singers list to participate. This list has been generated by auditions that the Longwood Opera Staff has attended and these are the invitees. There are many singers on this list and it would probably be impossible to not find someone who could sing the scene.
8. If you have any questions, please e-mail Scott or one of the coordinators.
9. Please choose only one piece per concert. If there is room for a second, the coordinators will send out a call. In the event that two singers request to sing the same piece, the first person who asks to sing it is the one who gets it.
10. Arrive early the night of the concert. The concerts begin at 7:30pm. Please try to arrive by 7pm. If you can't be there on time, let the coordinator know so that you can be placed in the latter half of the program.
11. Please sign up for concerts as soon as possible. Many of them are very popular (the first and last Aria Nights in particular) and fill up very quickly. Some of the nights do have a waiting list and it's easier to remove someone than to squeeze in another performer when there are already 20 arias that night. If space opens up as the concert approaches, the coordinator will send out an e-mail offering people a chance to sign up or, if need be, select an additional piece(s)
12. The concerts will take place in the Air Conditioned Chapel at Christ Episcopal Church. Please wear something nice and respectful for the audience. Jeans, sneakers, and flip-flops are not appropriate.
- Women: A nice sundress (not too short…the 'stage' is slightly elevated!), skirt and top, or slacks are fine.
- Men: Men: A suit is not necessary. Suggested attire: dress-slacks/khakis with a button-down shirt/polos. Neckties are entirely optional..

Concert FAQ | July 4th activities | Concert coordinators | Singer roster | Guidelines for programs

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