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2017 Summer Concert Series

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The July 4th festivities are just around the corner as a kick off to the Longwood Opera 27th summer concert series. Here is how it goes:

We have a car with rooftop speakers through which we blast opera tunes.

People meet at my house:
42 Hawthorn Avenue

Around 8:30am on July 4th we "shuttle" people up to where the "LO float" is situated in the parade. (I never know what position we will be in the parade until the night before.)

The parade starts at 9:00am and once we start moving it is about an hour to an hour and a half to make it through the parade. We have never been later then noon.

  • We carry banners, placards and smile.
  • We are not allowed to throw or pass out anything to the crowds.
  • Spouse, spice and children are invited to participate.
  • Bring hats, sunscreen - we will provide water.
  • The exchange club has never cancelled the parade for any weather reasons, so umbrellas may be in order as well.

At this point (depending on heat and/or rain) we can shop around the flea market or head back to my place.

Lunch will be served and, again, spouse, spice and children are invited to join us. We just never know what time this will actually begin, so the guess is to show up for lunch around noon (if not marching) and the marchers may be there already or maybe not. I need to know how much food to have so I need a body count of people attending lunch!

What I need is a count of people marching in the parade, attending lunch or doing both. Please send me a reply to:

Let me know if you have any other questions. Looking forward to a great kickoff to a great summer!



Concert FAQ | July 4th activities | Concert coordinators | Singer roster | Guidelines for programs

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